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About Me

Hi, I'm Chaska, a full-time and freelance web developer, working in Hong Kong. I have been spending 10 years in the corporate world as a website developer and programmer, working both in the office and then working remotely from home even during traveling. I have been successful as a freelancer, not just because of my web programming skills, but because I am a skilled and dependable web programmer that can be trusted to follow through with my work.

I enjoy working directly with my clients, rather than having project managers involved. Since I always meet my clients in person, I am able to effectively communicate via email and on the phone to complete website development projects to their specifications. I have built a number of websites on many topics ranging from online shopping, enterprise, financial, retail, universities... Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

I'm good at PHP, HTML, CSS (CSS3), JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL, Codeigniter etc. You can see some websites which are using those techniques I have developed. Also I'm familiar with Joomla, easy to create different kind of website in short time. As a website developer, I build complete websites, develop MySQL databases, take on small projects in existing websites, can fix code bugs, clean website virus infections and then secure your code so it doesn’t happen again.

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